Affinity Care

Wellness Programs

Most of us have personal wellness goals.  If your customers look to you to support a healthy lifestyle, consider offering  your members or employees health and wellness consultations and resources.

The AffinityCare product suite includes a rich menu of health and wellness offerings, including:

Wellness coaching

A qualified wellness coach works with the individual by phone or Web to identify and maintain strategies that support wellness goals such as weight loss, smoking cessation, diet improvements, exercise and more.

Health Risk Assessment

Did you know that 75% of all illnesses can be attributed to lifestyle-related causes?  Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is designed to improve health through individual assessments and disease-specific intervention and self-management.  AffinityCare’s HRA  enables members to identify lifestyle behaviors that increase their risk for illness or accident.  Each individual will receive a confidential report with “health scores” in the following eight health areas:

  • Cancer
  • Fitness
  • Heart Health
  • Nutrition
  • Safety
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Weight Management

We also offer a Nurseline and Educational Wellness Kits, which include books, CDs and other useful products to support a variety of wellness issues including senior health, managing illnesses, weight loss, and more.

Help your organization to live long and healthy lives.

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