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AffinityCare products can be offered as an optional service to your customers or members, creating new income streams for your organization. Or you can embed AffinityCare products into your current product offerings at no or low cost to your customers, creating more value for them and differentiating you from your competitors. Whether you want to offer ID TheftAssist to your group customers, or offer Personal Assistance Programs to your individual policyholders or members, we can work with you to tailor the right products to your needs.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Nothing impacts workplace productivity more than employees who are distracted by personal issues such as marriage problems, stress or alcohol abuse. Our EAP program can help employees resolve their personal issues quickly and come to work more focused. Learn More

Personal/Member Assistance Programs

Personal/Member Assistance Programs

Everyone experiences personal issues such as depression, stress, or loss of a loved one from time to time. Our Personal Assistance Program can help your members successfully cope with these problems. Learn More

Work-Life Programs

Work-Life Services

Everyone faces daily issues and challenges that can distract them from their job and affect personal happiness. Our trained specialists can help with a wide range of issues, providing expert guidance anywhere in the country with financial and legal concerns, help finding quality childcare, and assistance with eldercare resources. Learn More

Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

We offer innovative health and prevention programs that help individuals identify and reduce their health risks and reinforce healthy habits. Let our interactive online resources, health risk assessments, and wellness coaching options support your efforts. Learn More

Identity Theft Assistance Program

Identity Theft Assistance Program

Identity theft is the fastest-growing white-collar crime in America today. Our Identity Theft Assistance Program is the most comprehensive identity theft recovery program on the market today. If a product is truly going to help an ID theft victim, the most important aspect is a quick recovery. When an identity theft occurs, the last thing a victim needs are how-to booklets, form letters and credit reports thrown at him. Rather the victim needs an expert to act on his behalf. Contact us to learn more about the various voluntary revenue-generating and embedded service options available. Learn More



The death of a loved one is a very emotional time. Many spouses are not ready for the additional burden of dealing with administrative and bureaucratic items in a timely fashion. CompanionAssist reduces the frustration and confusion of this trying time by providing both practical help contacting financial institutions plus emotional support and help finding resources needed by the surviving spouse and family. Learn More

Student Assistance Program

AffinityCare Student Assistance Program (ASAP)

It is common for college students to face challenges such as homesickness, financial problems, conflict with roommates, and academic stress. They can also face complex challenges related to drug and alcohol use, depression, risk of suicide and more. This unique service provides students and their parents with access to professional, confidential assistance 24/7. No problem is too large or too small. Learn More

Travel Assist

Travel Assistance

Americans are traveling now more than ever. And whether they travel domestically or abroad they all have one goal—to return home safe and sound. Unfortunately, our world is unpredictable and disasters occur. Travel Assist can help when the unexpected happens far from home. Learn More

Contact us to learn how Travel Assistance can be combined with Identity Theft Assistance.

Other Products AffinityCare Offers

  • Legal consultation
  • Financial consultation
  • Estate planning
  • Nurseline
  • Discount pet meds
  • Discount pharmacy cards

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