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Employers today are looking for the right mix of benefits to attract high-quality employees and help them stay focused and productive on the job. You can help them reach their goals by offering AffinityCare’s EAP and other personal assistance services.

Services include:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): AffinityCare’s EAP option helps employees address the problems of daily living and other stressors which can impact workplace productivity. EAP services can include comprehensive Work-Life services such as childcare resource and referral and legal consultation.  They are designed to complement the employer’s other healthcare and insurance benefits. Learn More

Wellness Programs:  Help your customers identify and reduce employee health risks and reinforce healthy habits through our innovative health and prevention programs. Learn More

Identity Theft Assistance Program: Victims of identity theft can spend hundreds of hours to resolve the problems caused by ID theft. This has a direct and immediate impact on an employee’s performance and attendance.   A new and innovative voluntary benefit , ID TheftAssist™ can help your customers and their employees prevent or quickly recover from this rapidly-growing crime. Learn More

Travel Assistance:   Help your customers when they run into medical problems or other trouble while traveling at least 100 miles from home or anywhere in the world.  Learn More

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