Affinity Care

For Membership Groups

Provide your members with valuable benefits and help differentiate your organization from competing organizations through offering our personal assistance services. Offer our services free of charge to your members, increasing the value you bring to them, or as a voluntary service for a fee, creating a new revenue stream for your organization.

Let us help you find the best match of services for your membership group:

Member Assistance Programs: AffinityCare’s Member Assistance Programs helps members address the problems of daily living and other stressors that can impact their happiness and productivity. Learn More

Wellness Programs: Help your members identify and reduce their health risks and reinforce healthy habits through our innovative health and prevention programs. Learn More

Identity Theft Assistance Program: A new and innovative sponsored or voluntary benefit, ID TheftAssist™ can help your members prevent or quickly recover from this rapidly-growing crime. Learn More

AffinityCare Student Assistance Program (ASAP):  If your organization serves students or parents of college age students, this innovative service can really set you apart.  With ASAP, students can call to get immediate help with any issue, no matter how large or small. Professional help is available 24/7 and can help students  address relationship issues, depression, financial problems, alcohol or substance abuse, and more. Learn More

Travel Assistance:   Help your members when they run into medical problems or other trouble while traveling at least 100 miles from home and anywhere in the world. Learn More

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