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Identity Theft Assistance Program

Victims of identity theft can spend more than 100 hours cleaning up the mess an identity theft leaves.  Victims suffer high anxiety along with loss of focus and productivity.  Help your customers or members by providing Identity Theft Assistance as a benefit to your organization. Whether you are looking to provide benefits to employees, members or customers, our ID theft product can give you a competitive edge.

Our ID TheftAssist™ product is the most comprehensive recovery and identity theft protection service on the market today.

With one phone call, an ID Theft victim can save hours of time by letting our identity theft experts act on his behalf.

Our identify theft experts will act quickly to on your customer’s behalf to:

What makes our service the best identity theft protection available?

  • We’re available by telephone 24/7 when he needs us
  • We act quickly to determine if a fraud or theft has occurred
  • We are the only identity theft company that provides counseling services to address the stress that accompanies ID theft.

Contact the authorities

  • We contact the 3 major credit bureaus, all creditors and the proper authorities
  • We report your ID theft to the Federal Trade Commission
  • A criminal report is filed and  forwarded to creditors and the Social Security Administration

Restore good credit

  • We help place a Fraud Alert on the customer’s credit report
  • We assist in canceling and replacing checks, ATM cards and credit cards
  • We help replace valuable documents, such as driver’s license, social security card, and passport
  • We review his credit report with him “real-time” to identify any ongoing fraudulent activity

In addition, we provide assistance in more than 26 languages and can provide translators if your customer is not a fluent English speaker.

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