Affinity Care

For Financial Institutions

Stand out in today’s competitive marketplace by offering valuable personal assistance services to your banking or credit card customers.   These services can be included as a new attractive feature of your core checking, loan or credit card products or offered as an optional add-on product, creating new revenues for your company.

Identity Theft Assistance:  Identity theft is the fastest-growing white collar crime in America today.  A new and innovative voluntary benefit , ID TheftAssist™ can help your customers prevent or quickly recover from having their identity stolen. Learn More

Financial and legal assistance: Financial customers needing help with handling credit, repaying  loans, or retirement planning can take advantage of our trained financial specialists.  With one phone call,  we can also provide professional consultation with legal questions and attorney services at a discounted rate. Learn More

AffinityCare Student Assistance Program (ASAP): An excellent product for student loan customers and their families, ASAP gives students access to the help they need when they need it. Whether it be assistance with a relationship issue, homesickness, or financial problems, our  counselors and financial experts provide students with help over the phone, internet and face-to-face. Learn More

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