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AffinityCare Student Assistance Program (ASAP)

More than 50% of students deal with a significant emotional issue during their college years, and these issues can dramatically impact their happiness and academic performance. Many students have a hard time reaching out for help with their problems.  Depression, relationship problems, alcohol and drug abuse or financial issues can become so significant that the student may drop out of school or even consider harming themselves. 

Whatever the problem, AffinityCare’s Student Assistance Program (ASAP) can help.  We provide college students with round-the-clock access to master’s level counselors for help with whatever concerns them.   And unlike a Nurseline or “crisis line”, ASAP can help students with a full range of personal and school-related concerns:

Emotional issues:  eating disorders, homesickness, stress and anxiety

Relationship problems:  conflicts with roommates, communication with parents

Education and career : text anxiety, adjusting to college life, career planning

Financial issues:  managing student loans, tax help,  living on a tight budget

Legal issues:  we provide free attorney consultation and discounted attorney services when legal representation is needed

The AffinityCare Student Assistance Program is a perfect product offering for colleges wanting to supplement existing on-campus programs, and other organizations that serve students, such as insurance providers, student health care providers, alumni groups,  and financial institutions offering student loans and credit cards.  

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